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/ Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services

Empower Mental Wellness: Accessible, Compassionate Behavioral Health Services at Klamath Health Partnership.

Behavioral Health Services

At Klamath Health Partnership, we provide compassionate behavioral health services for mental wellness. Tailored treatment plans, discounted fees through our sliding scale program, and collaborative core ensures accessible, effective support for individuals facing anxiety, depression, and other challenges. 

Contact us via our Location section to begin your journey towards emotional well-being today. 

Behavioral Health Services

Klamath Health Partnership’s Behavioral Health staff offers services in all areas of behavioral health and addiction treatment needs

Individual/Group Counseling

Bipolar Disorder

Substance Misuse

Medication Management

Borderline Personality Disorder

Gambling Addictions

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Antisocial & Society-Related Disorders

Eating Disorders

Trauma Treatments

In addition, we treat chronic pain issues using the most up-to-date and evidence-based approaches, as well as address other healthcare related difficulties commonly associated with mood like diabetes, cancer, and other chronic or acute disorders. When needed, we provide psychiatric medication management.

We also provide a variety of therapeutic interventions including individual therapy, family and even group treatment models. Our family and relationship counseling includes divorce, finances, and work or school-related difficulties.

Sliding Fee Discount

We accept most insurances—check with your insurance company to see if our providers are in your network. We also offer a sliding fee discount program for low-income patients and those without insurance.

Please ask about this program at our front desk or call us at,

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